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Hello, I am George Leach,
The Blue Star Steel Buildings team of experts has extensive experience in both steel structures and service. We believe in our ability to serve your needs.

Starting where you are at we begin working with you to discover your needs and ideas. We generally start with a basic building design and usage which leads us to a foundation design. All during this preliminary discovery process we determine required dimensions   

Phase 1. We work with you to build your vision not sell you ours.

I'm Ron Phillips the Blue Star Steel Buildings design engineer. I work with you using powerful and accurate CAD software to engineer and cost estimate your buildings for both quality and cost effectiveness.
I work together with our general contractors and architects to bring your projects to life. 

Phase 2. We design the building, cost the steel, doors & windows, foundation and verify with our manufacturing affiliate teams.

Examples of our three fundamental steel structure types.

With Red Iron I-beam buildings we use CAD software to produce 3d renderings of our designs. we go over these renderings until we know we are building exactly what you want at the same time keep the cost low.

With Galvanized Steel buildings we send out 
a quote with dimensions and drawings as required. 

Phase 3. We involve professional team members to ensure quality of project details from project beginning to project end.

Phase 4.
We build it to your satis- faction within code, on time, and within budget.
We will stay with it until
you are satisfied.

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Attention: Steel Certified General Contractors. If you would like to work
with BlueSTAR. Please call 800 536-1949

Email us at  or call 800 431-0512 , 800 536-1949  

Contact Information:

4 reasons to consider doing bussiness with us :
      1. We offer economic solutions with discounted pricing,
     2. We are a veteran owned Dunn & Bradstreet company, 
     3. We build both I-beam and galvanized steel buildings, and
     4. We have the highest quality steel for the lowest prices.