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Hello, I am George Leach,
The Blue Star Steel Buildings team of experts has extensive experience in both steel structures and service. We believe in our ability to serve your needs.

I'm Ron Phillips the Blue Star Steel Buildings design engineer. I work with you using powerful and accurate CAD software to engineer and cost estimate your buildings for both quality and cost effectiveness.
I work together with our general contractors and architects to bring your projects to life. 

Three of our most recent Red-Iron Steel Structures.

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Red Iron Product Features: 
Steel Strength: 55KSI yield strength material. Using extra-high yield strength material results in smaller web-depths which means not only stronger steel but increased usable space.
Automated Welding: Our steel frames are continuous - bead submerged - arc welded by automated welding machines. Automated welding of this kind minimizes the possibility for human error, resulting in uncompromised integrity.
Factory Welding: All base plates, connection plates, flange brace plates and clips are factory welded in place which helps minimize field labor during the erection process. End Wall Frames Corner and Wind Columns are either cold formed, mill-rolled or built-up "l" sections depending on design requirements.
Secondary Framing :
Girts: Girts and Purlins are typically “by-pass” mount with laps up to six feet at main frames for extra strength and ease of assembly. Girts (at sidewalls and end walls) are minimum 8" depth. Members are cold formed Z-sections, minimum 16 gauge, and up to 13 gauge, 55KSI material for superior strength.
Purlins: Purlins (at the roof) are minimum 8" depth. 10” and 12” are also available depending on design requirements. Members are cold-formed Z-sections, minimum 16 gauge, and up to 13 gauge, 55KSI yield material for superior strength. Purlins are lapped at main frames for added strength and labor savings during the erection process. Maximum spacing is 5'-0” on center maximum.
Eave Strut: Eave Struts are cold-formed unequal flange C-Sections. The top flange is built to match the roof slope, to help to ensure weather-tightness at the eave.
Sheeting Angle: A continuous 14 gauge Sheeting Angle is supplied for use at the gable ends (rake). The Sheeting Angle provides a place to secure end wall sheets and gable trim.
Base Angle: A continuous 14 gauge Base Angle is provided for attachment of wall sheeting at the base. The Base Angle is secured to the concrete with powder actuated anchors.
Primer: All steel arrives at the factory “black” (unprimed). Following the fabrication process, once all welding, drilling and punching of holes is complete, a coat of factory primer is applied to help protect members during shipment and erection.
Bracing: X-Bracing Diagonal rod or cable bracing is supplied where required at the roof and walls to absorb and redirect longitudinal loads imposed by wind and seismic forces. Flange Bracing Angle Flange Bracing is provided for connection at the inner flange of the rigid frame and returns to the purlins and/or girts. These Flange Braces ensure main frame column and rafter stability under heavy loads. Roof and Wall Panels: Super strong 26 gauge minimum, 80KSI yield strength material for both roof and wall panels. Panels produced from such superior steel offer greater resistance to damage from various impacts including hail. Only GaIvaIume® Plus steel with a standard 25 - Year warranty is used for superior resistance to the elements.