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BlueSTAR is the ultimate Steel Construction Company offering a responsive approach to problem solving combined with an overall attitude of integrity first.

All of our services center around, Deisgn, Steel Prefabrication, Foundation and concrete, and Steel Structure erection.

 “I was playing with steel picks on a steel guitar, and there was no amplification needed.” Brownie McGhee  ~  ” Steel is music to my ears” Ron Phillips 

The reason and purpose of this section of our website is to give you understanding of our services and the benefits of using our services.  Those services, namely: Design, project management, foundation construction, site preparation, steel erection, metal roof installation, insulation, and walls and trim construction.


We offer design ( Plans and Drawings) services which cover, Red Iron Steel, AIRLIGHT Building Panels, and Tubular Steel buildings.  


Building Design & Plans

The Essential First Step:  Read and understand the steel building requirements with your local code and permitting officals. Almost all counties and city municipalities have State and local codes and regulations for construction.  That accomplished we can start the design process. We can go through a Q&A process or you can tell us what your requirements, Once you and I are sure we have your vision we will be able to help you design a structure pleases you, both functionally and aesthetically.

At a Minimum Design must know the following:

Width & Length– In determining the size of building you need, think carefully about what you’re going to use it for.  A layout drawing is needed for more complex structure

Height – In steel buildings, the term “eave” height is used to determine how tall a building will be. This doesn’t mean clearance inside the building, but simply the height of the outside wall. Determine how much clearance is required inside your new building and how tall you want your door to be

Roof Pitch -The roof pitch, determines how steep the angle of the roof is. This measurement is given in terms of rise over run. For example, a 1:12 roof pitch would rise 1″ for every 12″ of width.  A typical residential roof pitch is 3:12  ( 3” down for every 12” wide.

Framed Openings -Large doors require us to frame the openings. This involves structural changes in the building, so it’s important that we know the exact location and measurements of the openings. A framed opening may require up to 2’ shorter than the building height to allow for door machinery.


RED IRON PLANS: With this minimum knowledge we can begin engineering the drawing using CADCAM software that will enforce MBMA standards as well as detailed component and costing reports,

TUBULAR STEEL PLANS: A rough draft can be produced for Tubular steel buildings. These will be used to produce a certified state sealed set of plans specific to your local State and County building code requirements.

AIRLIGHT BUILDING PLANS: For AIRLIGHT Building Panel structures a wireframe draft will be used to generate the cost of a Panel System Building which from there an Architect sealed set of specific blueprints for permitting and construction will be issued.


To any steel building not a single BlueSTAR steel building may be designed or constructed without regard to Anchor Bolt Plans, an anchor bolt template and concrete pilings or at the minimum a slab footer, which are the bare essentials of a Red Iron Steel Structure.  

BlueSTAR Steel Buildings has a Professional Engineer dedicated to providing all of our foundation plans for Red Iron and AIRLIGHT Building Panel system buildings.  His work come highly recommended by the BlueSTAR Chief Architect.  Soil sample information as well as any bolt plans and building calculations go diretly to our PE prior to ensure our foundation plans are accurate.

An over simplified definition of the BlueSTAR steel erection processes consists of the assembly of steel components into a frame on site. The majority of processes involve lifting and placing steel frames and components into position, then connecting them together. In many cases this is achieved through bolting but sometimes on site welding is either required or advantageous. The overall frame assembly is adjusted before bolting up is completed, and moved into the next phase of construction, such as insulation and sheeting.

The BlueSTAR Banner:  There is no substitute for erection team talent, skill and experience.



Metal Roofing, Metal Wall Panels and Metal Trim:

BlueSTAR Steel Construction offers the finest , most durable, and  efficient roofing material available in the steel building market.  Quality is accompanied by offering industry best of breed sheet metal and backing it up with a 30 year warranty.  Variety in colors and types of panels including with a tremendous range of residential and commercial profiles.

Durable roofing material for your steel buildings that will hold of under stressful weather.  We offer a combination of appearance, cost, lifespan, and material quality. True to the core principles and attitudes of  BlueSTAR Steel Construction we are determined to add integrity, and skill to experience.

WHY BUY FROM US??  Because we not only design steel buildings, we get dirty in the field building them. We see the flaws and we know what to do to avoid them.

Our manufactures are chosen by our Architect for their excellence in metal trimroof, and wall panels.  While I’m not in the office using CADCAM software to design your blueprints I am out in the field making sure your building project is going smooth.

Our steel components are chosen for being the best of breed industry wide.


BlueSTAR benefits

The services we provide give you enhanced quality control over your entire project.  The quality and experience we provide add to your confidence that you have the best structure possible.  


We are cost effective

Two key issues that confront General Contractors and owners alike, are Labor Cost and Construction time.  Construction labor cost is important issue which if left unchecked can and will overrun the entire project budget.  Construction time can be affected by many things from defective material, poor engineering design, to weather.  The most effective way to handle these issues is possess professional grade wisdom and experience.  BlueSTAR is dedicated to being your cost effective solution.  We want your business now and in the future.


Talent and Skill

A skill is something that we learn. Skills are developed. You might attend training to learn a skill. You will practice that skill. You can master a skill such that it appears to be a talent.  This might be a hard skill like programming, building design, or content marketing,…..

What skills have you acquired to complement your talents?

The Bottom Line:  Talent will love the work, while Skill with love the vacation.

At BlueSTAR we strive to balance both in harmony like math and music.


Experience with Red Iron

BlueSTAR Steel Construction as an authorized NCI builder manufactures and recommends their red-iron steel for their structures requiring a more robust approach. .  Two concepts help describe Red Iron Steel, namely structural durability and structural range . Durability because of the strength and gauge of steel found in each column, purlin, girt, and rafters. BlueSTAR brings to the customer the best of breed combination steel truss systems, welded or bolted frame structures. The second concept structural range means a near limitless, red iron steel frame where the customer has less not limitations as to the width, length, or height of the building caused by the metal framing product being used.


In Depth Experience

When time is important or the stakes are high, and it simply has to be done right the first time our BlueSTAR clients rely on us to provide steel building expertise and steel construction resources. All the while having the highest standards of  professionalism ( sadly this commodity seems lacking in our industry ). Along with our steel vendors and partners, BlueSTAR Steel Construction has preferential access to the very best people found Nation Wide.

Highlights from our teams’ past experience can be found throughout our website, please take the time to look through our Galleries.  Here you may magnify each photo to increasing levels of detail for your investigation of products we built.


Top Notch Support

BlueSTAR Customer support exist to assist customers in making cost effective and correct use of BlueSTAR Steel Buildings and services.. We will give assistance in planning, installation, training, and troubleshooting of any product or steel construction service we offer.

We are dedicated to customer support as we believe it to be one of the main data channels for customer retention and new business referrals.

Or as Mr. Phillips puts it: “ We want each customer happy with what they got and how we constructed it. So, don’t mess up and maybe the customer will help us build another one.”

Behind each of our BlueSTAR services is INTEGRITY, EXPERIENCE, SKILL and TALENT.